why initiativez

Initiativez is a learning and development company based in the Middle East with international capabilities. We work in harmony with organizations to create bespoke, innovative training solutions for our clients, in the areas of business, finance, and personal development.


Leadership Boot Camp - UK

This rigorous and dynamic, 6 days with Mark Wales, ex-Australian Military Officer and an MBA graduate from The Wharton School, is an enriching experience for mid/senior managers to unleash their leadership potential by experiencing and applying theoretical lessons in real life situations.read more >

LUMA - Design Thinking

These are the questions that begin the Design Thinking process and develop into the creative solutions that organisations require every day. Through a combination of left‑brain analytical thinking and right brain creativity, Design Thinking provides a framework and a set of collaborative tools, enabling people to work together across differences and against challenging problems.read more>

visit www.luma-institute.com


Finance and Strategy Business Simulation – Jeddah and Dubai

This business simulation builds financial and accounting foundation mandatory to every employee, irrespective of his or her background or field of expertise. It is a fast-paced, engaging and energizing way to enhance business acumen and decision-making ability. read more >