Our flagship Leadership Boot Camp is an experiential training programme designed to bring together the theory and reality of leadership.
This 5-7 day residential Leadership Boot Camp pushes people out of their comfort zone in order to advance leaders to the next level of professional performance. We do this in beautiful locations in UK, Scotland and Spain.
The transformation during this program comes through immersive, hands-on training using a variety of methods such as case studies, role play, team work, critical thinking tasks, and outdoor adventure.

Our focus is on:
Lead Self: Develop self-awareness, adaptability, self-confidence,emotional intelligence, self-discipline.

Lead Team: Become adept at decision-making and problem solving,influencing, negotiation, persuasion, and execution.

Lead Organisation: Understand political influence and persuasion,strategic positioning and how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of an organisation.


  • Better understand yourself and your leadership skills
  • Create innovative solutions to varied problems
  • Understand and manage the ripple effects of your decisions as a leader
  • Communicate the good stuff as well as the bad
  • Master giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Perform under pressure
  • Encourage effective team work
  • Energise and engage your teams
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone and test your leadership skills

Course Details

Key Themes

Leading Self, Leading Teams and Leading Organisations


UK, Scotland, and Spain


This is a six day residental course


25 attendees maximum.

Who should attend






Malik Barma


The leadership boot camp was a valuable experience, the focus was to develop self awareness and awareness of different leadership styles. It was valuable to understand different personalities along with their strengths and weaknesses and how these”

Haya Sawan


I can’t believe how much I learned in only one day. I was always afraid of finance but BALINCA helped me build the confidence I needed with accounting, finance and strategy.

Dr. Thuraya Obaid

Former Shura Council Member

When I was working at the United Nations, I used to ask the finance manager to handle the difficult financial questions, I wish I knew what I know now after experiencing this training.

Abdulaziz Aldoghaither

Recent Graduate

I wish my university gives this program to all students. It will change the way we think and will open doors to better careers.