Emotional Intelligence

Insights Discovery: Personal, Team and Leadership Effectiveness

In this time of uncertainty and change, leaders are expected to communicate effectively to ensure the whole team is motivated, engaged and moving toward a clear vision.

To help leaders and teams do this, we use Insights Discovery as a tool to facilitate improved self-awareness. By beginning with self-awareness we help individuals become more adept at seeing themselves clearly. Understanding how they show up in the world, how they make decisions and interact with others, where they are excelling and where there is a need for development.

Once they understand themselves, they can consciously work on improving their ability to adapt and connect with others with empathy.  Ultimately this creates a better understanding of the individuals they work and communicate with every day.


  • Improving personal, team and leadership communication: self and other-awareness
  • Understanding different personality types, how they process information and make decisions
  • Understanding your strengths and possible weaknesses and blind spots
  • Valuing differences and the otherness of the other
  • Maximizing the potential of each team member

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Key Themes

Self-Awareness, Communication, Team and Leadership Effectiveness


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Programmes are customized from 1 day to several weeks


50 attendees maximum.

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In-tact Teams

In-tact Teams





Whole Organisations

Whole Organisations


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